For Future Funders

A collection of startup resources for aspiring investors

Investor Blogs
by Fred Wilson

Sharp, insightful commentary on the tech ecosystem from a veteran VC. The blog is updated daily and can be subscribed to for emails. The comments section is often the source of interesting discussions.
by Mark Suster

Posts that speak from his wisdom and experience as both an entrepreneur and a VC.
by Hunter Walk

Focusing on seed stage deals, this blog touches on the investor-entrepreneur relationship and the important issues in early stage funding.


Venture Deals
by Brad Feld & Jason Mendelson

This book is valuable for both aspiring investors and entrepreneurs. It lays out the mechanics of a venture capital fund, the key stakeholders, the typical terms on a term sheet as well as exploring negotation tactics.

Thinking Like A VC

by Benedict Evans

A weekly digest highlighting key tech trends and news.

Breakfast Chat
with Fred Wilson

An exploration of the next fire years in tech, covering: drones, health care and the block chain.

Mobile Is Eating The World

A presentation explaining why technology continues to be an interesting investment opportunity.

a16z Podcast

Regular commentary on key industry developments and tech trends.

How Funding Works

How Funding Works

An infographic that highlights the funding rounds of a company and the typical areas where equity is bought from founders by investors.

MBA Mondays

A lot of information on all the concepts and math in the venture capital industry such as valuations, equity and M & A.

Finance And Capital Markets

A finance fundamentals course from the Khan Academy.

Angel Investing

How To Be An Angel Investor

A Paul Graham essay discussing the dynamics and process of angel investing.

How To Be An Angel, Part 2

Naval Ravikant follows up Paul Graham's talk with a presentation from Angel Conf.

The Rise Of Angels

Naval Ravikant outlines how the funding landscape has changed to bridge the gap between traditional angels and VCs.

Should You Be An Angel Investor?

Jason Calacanis gives the pros and cons of being an angel and estimates the chances of investing in a unicorn.

Angel Investing

How To Get Into Tech VC In Europe

Balderton Capital Principal Rob Moffat discusses the key entry points into a VC career in Europe.

How To Get Into VC

Former USV analyst Christina Cacioppo outlines the three key steps to getting a junior VC role.

Hot To Get Started As A VC Analyst

Charlie O'Donnell outlines 10 steps that will help you become a VC analyst.

How To Become A VC

Brad Feld outlines the difficult road to becoming an analyst or associate at a VC firm.

Post-Money Evaluations

Brian Watson outlines the lessons he learned from his two years on USVs analyst program.

Why Being A VC Sucks

Charlie O'Donnell outlines 10 challenges of being a VC.

The Venture Capitalist Struggle

Roberto Bonanzinga discusses the struggles VCs go through to source deals, make deals and see them through to successful exit.

Raising A Fund

Lessons Learned Raising A First Time VC-Fund

Charlie O'Donnell outlines the choices available for young investors wishing to raise their own VC fund.

Homebrew: 100 Days Of Fundraising

Hunter Walk explains how Homebrew raised there first $35m investment fund.

Term Sheet

YCombinator open sourced term sheets

Simple seed and series A term sheets.

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